Life Insurance

Life Insurance is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your family and loved ones.

If you die without life Insurance your home could be repossessed  and your family could suffer serious financial hardship.

Life Insurance can be set up in many different ways and it’s important to get the right advice for your needs and circumstances.

Beware of cheap life cover and price comparison websites, unless you have independent financial advice you could end up with the wrong type of cover, not enough cover and could also be paying too much.

It is important to put your life cover into trust, this means that the benefits of your policy are given to specific people that you nominate known as your beneficiaries, the advantage of this is that the proceeds of the plan are tax free.

At Abbey Financial Services we have many years of experience in this area and can tailor plans to your personal needs, thus giving you peace of mind and confidence that you are in the right hands and most importantly your family and home are fully protected in the event of your death.